Finding The Right Property To Rent in Norwich

Choosing the right property to rent is often a stressful endeavour which, by taking the right steps and advice can be made so much easier. More often than not the customers that have come through our doors have historically rented a property without doing the proper research and have been stung by hidden costs and a poorly maintained property which they haven’t enjoyed living in.


The job of a letting agent is to ensure that the landlord, the tenant and the property are an ideal match, and it’s our mantra at City Lettings to ensure that any property we advertise is maintained to a standard that we would be comfortable living in and priced at a fair rate which we would be willing to pay.

Searching on your own for the right property to rent is hard and can be very time consuming.  Using a letting agent to narrow down your search can remove some of the stress as the letting agent is able to keep up to date with all the latest market trends, accurately value properties and will undertake stringent checks to ensure that Landlord’s properties are maintained to a high standard. As a tenant who is looking around for a property, it becomes extremely difficult to identify a place which is right for you, then put in the time to undertake all the necessary checks to ensure it meets all the right standards and that the landlord you are dealing with is trustworthy.

There are some simple steps to take to make sure you’ve found the right property to rent:


  • Which area do you want to live in and what can you afford?
  • Does the property fully meet your needs? e.g. links to public transport
  • Do you feel comfortable in the area, does it feel like home?
  • Has the landlord maintained the property to a good standard?
  • Do the current tenants recommend the property – after all, they have experience of living there
  • Does the landlord have a gas and electricity safety certificate?

The rental market is currently on an upward trend with numerous landlords bringing fresh properties to the market prior to the increase in Stamp Duty Land Tax in April. Having said that Tenants are still competing for properties and it is therefore paramount that Tenants are well prepared.  Once you have found the right property you need to ensure that:

  • You have the Right to Rent in the UK and that you have your documents ready
  • The Landlord provides you with a comprehensive written tenancy agreement.
  • You know who is responsible for the bills
  • The property has smoke alarms. Additionally, carbon monoxide detectors if solid fuel is burnt.
  • You are prepared to provide a Guarantor, if the Landlord requires a rent guarantee.

The options available to tenants are likely to decrease over the coming months with fewer potential new landlords putting properties up for rent and it will be even more important to know your rights and what you need to check before signing any agreement.

Our advice would be to make sure you undertake a thorough due diligence before committing to any rental agreement. The best way of doing this is by renting though a letting agent as they have years of property experience under their belts and the additional upfront costs are well worth it when you can be sure that the property you’ve agreed to rent is up to standard and will be a comfortable place to live.

Are you looking to find a place to rent? Take a look at our property listings to see what we have available or give us a call on 01603 499258 to discuss how we can help with your search.