Ten Reasons to Buy-To-Let in Norwich


  1. There are two great Universities which attract loads of students who need somewhere to live.
  1. The train to London takes just 1 hour and 45 minutes.
  1. The key rental age group (aged 16 – 29) comprises of nearly 27% of the Norwich population.
  1. With the dualling of the A11, Norwich is now connected all the way to London by dual carriageway and motorway.
  1. The NDR (Northern Distributor Road) will improve traffic flow and congestion to the northern suburbs and bring jobs to the area.
  1. Norwich is rated the 8th best shopping in the UK.
  1. According to Homelet statistics, rents in East Anglia increased by 8.4% in the year to May 2015.
  1. Norwich City are back in the Premier League which brings a feel-good factor to the city.
  1. In the next 25 years the population in the eastern region is forecast to expand more rapidly than any other UK region.
  1. Norwich is the only city where City Lettings operate and our buy-to-let advice is free.